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Production of labels.
The resulting design create a ready label. We are engaged in the preparation of printing forms, printing process and, in the case of heat-shrinkable labels, gluing the sleeve in accordance with customer expectations. Additionally, we offer the possibility of printing information on the serial number or production lot, expiry dates, etc .. We provide customers the ability to cut labels on single pieces (if you need to hand their application).

Print technology.
Rotogravure – a rotogravure printing technology. Due to the use of very durable printing forms we are dedicated to customers waiting highest quality products or-edition productions. Steel cylinders are laser engraved. Thanks guarantee their longevity and no need to cyclical changes minimize costs. Rotogravure characterized by the highest quality of projects while maintaining the overall reproducibility printing processes. Intaglio printing makes it possible to use printing techniques using the colors silver and gold with real reflection of these colors. Thanks to the solutions we are able to get the effect of the image. This is not possible using other technologies for the production of heat-shrinkable labels. At the same time we guarantee very competitive prices of the final product.

Flexography – printing technology convex. These machines use polymers as a form of printing. They are also explained in the preparation of dies. This technology, much simpler to use, but less more permanent, dedicated to customers requiring less effort from the single printing process .. Unilabels in the production of printing forms using a reputable commodity KODAK. Production from the application allows you to create offers for customers short-run labels with lower quality requirements while meeting their expectations.

Support machine.
Supplementing our offer is the unit of the labeling and packaging. Starting with label applicators, designed automatically applying labels on packaging, through the steam tunnels, responsible for welding heat-shrink labels for grouping systems designed packaging products in multi-packs or cartons, the ending.